Day 2: Business Skills

What makes a great leader? How does “THE” leader speak? What is servant leadership, and how can leadership be personally honed? Great entrepreneurs need great tools to grow and lead their businesses. Whether it be acquiring new skills or refining existing ones, day two focuses on leadership, communication, and the sharing of tools so that you can become a more effective leader. With talks ranging from the principles of servant leadership, to how to communicate effectively so that difficult conversations become easy, day 2 promises life-changing content from our experts that will reshape and refine what it means to be a great leader.

Warren Rustand

5 Principles of Personal Leadership

Marshall Goldsmith and Sally Helgesen

How Women Rise

Ryan Avery

Strategic Communication

Peter and Susan Glaser

Break Through Conflict

Winnie Hart

Women Entrepreneurs – What Do You Stand For?

Content for Accelerators:

Steve McLeod

Relentless Discipline and What It Means for You as a Leader

Tristan White

Leading with a Winning Culture