Welcome from Your Curators

Our values define our life playbook and govern how we lead and live our lives. Our values define our boundaries; what is acceptable, and what is not. And our values, provide a lens for us in which we peer through the world.

One of my family’s values is that of continuous learning and knowledge. As a child, any expense, whether it be books, stationary, courses, tutors, novel and innovative education programmes, were seen an as investment and paid without question. For it was, and continues to be, instilled in us that knowledge is something that transforms not only your life, but the lives of those around you.

The idea that our learning and knowledge is something that we carry with us for the rest of our lives is a powerful idea. In life, we may lose our security, material possessions, and even the clothes on our backs, but we never lose our knowledge, and with this we can always start again. Our knowledge is something that no one can ever take away from us without our consent.

And so, we were asked to curate and lead Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s first online virtual university EO 24/7, it was pride, energy and gusto that we took to the task. It was a momentous undertaking, and it was an opportunity to live and breathe our value of knowledge. After all what better way to do this than to invite and curate some of the world’s best business and leadership minds to share their thoughts on well-being, skills, legacy and growth, innovation, and family and community?

Over the course of five days we will share pertinent lessons from inspiring speakers such as John Robitaille who shares his experiences of overcoming adversity and facing the toad that exists in all of us, to Verne Harnish who brings his wealth of experience on the four key decisions that every company must get right to aggressively grow and scale. And let’s not forget Swami Sukhabodhananda who shares his thoughts on spirituality in turbulent times, to one of our personal heroes Warren Rustand who shares his framework on the give principles of great leadership, and how to use the same leadership principles we use to lead our companies for our own families.

The collective wealth of wisdom, experience and knowledge is mind-boggling, and we are immensely proud and humbled to present EO 24/7 to you this year. For us, success is that you find one nugget of wisdom that you can take into your own personal, family or business, and can’t wait to hear how EO 24/7 has impacted your life.

From Your Curators.

Kym Huynh and Marcela Chávez Ocampo